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Monday, October 8, 2012

What's In A Handshake?

I can't vote here in the United States, although if I could, I'd think about voting for Emily Peyton.

Who is she? She's a gubernatorial candidate in Vermont.  Here is the link to her website:


Take a moment and have a look at it. Especially, notice the sparkles radiating from her right hand.
Pretty fancy, eh?

I met her on the weekend ever so briefly. She must have been out campaigning and showed up to talk to the innkeepers here. I got introduced to her.

Here is a woman who I heard on Vermont Public Radio (VPR). She has notions that I think might be considered radical by some, but by others they might seem like notions that are long overdue.
Particularly, she is very much about causing a resurgence in the use of industrial hemp as an alternative to oil. In fact, fossil oil was once the alternative to hemp and flax seed oils.

Here is a list of links that she has on her site and they include GMO labelling; global warming; Ford's hemp car.


I think that sometimes people propose ideas that others might find scary or think unusual just because these ideas don't conform to what many of us have become used to thinking. Her thoughts on hemp and cannabis probably scare those who are not informed at all about this plant's benefits. I think Vermont would be a place that could truly benefit from such thinking and could bear the torch and lead the way for others.

Well, I got to shake her hand. I extended my right arm and she extended her right arm (you know, the one with the sparkles emanating from it on her website) and our hands came together in a nice, conventional seeming handshake. That's where I thought it would end. The old ONE STAGE clasping of hands and a shake. Imagine my surprise when, as I went to conclude the handshake, she proceeded to  the SECOND AND THIRD stages of the 'cool' kind of handshake.

If you don't know this one, it doesn't necessarily mean you aren't cool. The complete shake goes like this:

1) begins with usual hand shake grip
2) both hands then sort of swing downward so that the fingers are now grasping the back of each others thumbs
3) then as the shake concludes, the fingers sort of slide along each others hands toward the fingertips as if to say, 'Yeah, you're cool man! I can dig it!'

Like I say, if you know this handshake, you'll recognise it immediately and appreciate it like I did.

I told Stephanie about our introduction and handshake and then actually did the handshake with her and Stephanie grinned and said she thought that was really cool.

I showed my neighbour and he said he wished that had happened to him.

I'm not really that political but I can see when someone wants to affect a change and has progressive ideas and I think this woman is someone like that. I can't vote here in the United States, although if I could, I'd think about voting for Emily Peyton.

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  1. That whole thing cracked me up!!! Seriously! This woman is a freaking LEGEND! Your words almost don't do justice to the awesomeness that ensued during that interaction. I mean, REALLY? You actually shook my husband's hand like the Rerun from "What's Happening"??? And REALLY??!!?? You have effin' SPARKLES emanating from your virtual hand on your website??? REALLYY!!??!! REALLY. REALLY??? She's perfect and awesome and once I become a VT resident I will totally campaign for her because she's MAGIC and has a magical, charismatic hand...